Move over contouring, Au Naturel  is back! 💁‍♀️

Spring/Summer 2020 is going to be *all* about baby soft, dewy skin, full & natural brows, and of course, plump juicy lips.

Here’s a list of the top lip trends for S/S 2020 with a few tips & tricks to up your makeup game this season.

Flushed Lips 

‘Bitten’, plump & juicy lips are going to be all the rage for this Spring and Summer. Add a colour stain to make your pout look uber inviting!

 Plump Lips

📸Credit: ayeshabeautyblog

Use a lip stain or gently pat your lipstick colour in the centre of your lips and blend gently to the edges to create a natural looking flushed lip! (Pinks & reds work best for this look)

Be sure to use a scrub beforehand to make sure any dryness has vanished!

Why not try our Volcanic ash & Charcoal Lip Scrub to make sure your lips look as smooth as silk & our 24K Gold Lip Mask to nourish dry, parched lips! 

Glossy Lips 

Matte. Is. Out. Glossy, fresh lips are what we are going to be drooling over in Spring and Summer.

Use a natural shade of lipstick & top with a clear gloss or lip balm to create a fresh twist on a classic lip look!

Glossy Lips

📸Credit: ayeshabeautyblog

Try our Moisturising Lip Balm on top of your favourite nude lipstick shade to create a soft, glossy finish!

Classic Red & Pink Ombré

Who are we kidding? The classic red lip will *never* go out of fashion... Why not  take the traditional red lip to the next level by recreating this pinky-red ombré look.

Use your favourite pink lipstick on the centre part of your lips and then add your classic red lipliner around the edges of your lips and use your fingers to blend to create this gorgeous ombré effect.

Red Pink Ombre Lip

📸Credit: ayeshabeautyblog

Don’t forget - your pout will look its best if it is plump and juicy!

Use the Plump It! Lip Plumper before applying your lipstick - it acts not only as a primer - but its plumping properties will keep your lips looking full and healthy! 


So, there it is! Your S/S 2020 trend line up! - Thank us later ;)

Until next time Babes! xx

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