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With Halloween just around the corner, it’s easy to fall in to that pre-party panic that we all know so well! 

Be sure you keep the terror at bay with our line-up of the best Halloween makeup tips & tricks (…or treats) 😉

This Halloween Hotlist was made to give you some great ideas for the most petrifying party season & help you plan ahead! We hope it will help you say ‘expeliarmus!’ to that last-minute Halloween terror
(one for our Harry Potter fans there 💁🏻‍♀️).

Dark Lips/Witchy Vibes – Sarah Sanderson (‘Hocus Pocus’)


Why not try a dark, witchy lip look like Sarah Sanderson from the classic Halloween flick, ‘Hocus Pocus’?
Now there’s a witch we all know & love!

Use a dark lip liner on the outer edges of your lips – a great tip is to make your cupids bow appear more pointy - serving serious sorceress vibes 💎

Fill the inner part of your pout with a deep plum, purple or burgundy shade to channel your inner enchantress!

Joker Lips/Harley Quinn-inspired (‘Suicide Squad’)

The Joker lip look is a timeless Halloween favourite – give it a modern, feminine twist by taking some tips from Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn! 

Take your favourite fiery red lipstick & apply it generously to your lips 💄then - here comes the fun part – smudge it across your mouth with the back of your hand!

The beauty of this one means it doesn’t have to be perfect – easy peasy 🙌

For an ultra-Joker look follow the same process but be sure to make your crooked smile appear much larger & more menacing by overdrawing your lips with the lipstick – try drawing from cheek to cheek to spread the smile across your face!


Skull/Jack Skellington ('The Nightmare Before Christmas')

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a Halloween cult classic movie – the citizens of ‘Halloween-town’ are led by their frontman Jack Skellington – a creepy, curious individual with a skull for a head!

To get the look, simply apply white face paint to your whole face 💀

Then, take a black kohl eyeliner pencil & draw a thick line, horizontally, across your closed mouth – this doesn’t have to be perfectly straight (it adds to the spookiness)!

Then, draw short vertical lines along the line you just drew to create the stitches.
Make sure the vertical lines are spaced out & varying in length to create that creepy, wry smile!


Black Lips - Evil Pixie/Scary Fairy

Why not channel your inner mystic goddess with an Evil Fairy inspired look? 🧚‍♀️

Use your favourite purple or black lipstick, then add your favourite ethereal highlight on the central & inner part of the lips – framing your cupid’s bow for that perfect Pixie pout 💋

Iridescent purple, pink, blue or even green highlights work best for this look.

Add some wild colour contacts, a blown-out, smoky eye look & an intense cheek bone highlight to complete the look! 👀


Red Glitter Lips - Jessica Rabbit ('Who Framed Roger Rabbit?')

Who wouldn’t want the famed pout of Disney’s most evocative female character?
Jessica Rabbit is the illustrious wife of the odd character Roger Rabbit (of ‘Who Frame Roger Rabbit’) who is most well-known for her seductive image. Perfect for Halloween! 💃

Our Plump It! Volumising Lip Plumper would work wonders for this look – designed to enhance the plumpness of the lips with active ingredients, Plump It! is the perfect alternative to real lip fillers – resulting in the perfect pout.

For this look, simply apply a red lip liner around the outer edge of your lips – be sure to accentuate your lip shape and size by slightly overdrawing the cupid’s bow & lip line. Ensure your liner is sharpened to a point so that this step is as neat as possible 💋then fill in the whole lip with your brightest rouge liquid lipstick and top it all with a shiny red lip gloss!

Bonus tips for this look: 

  • Paint over the liner you applied using a precision lip brush to ensure the edges are super tidy (outline the edges with concealer to clean up - but be sure to do this before applying the glitter!)
  • Press in a finely milled red glitter on top of the gloss using your finger or a brush – the trick is to pack the glitter on in small stages to ensure it stays put with no gaps
  • Top the glitter with a thick layer of clear lip gloss for extra shine
  • A matte base foundation, purple eyeshadow & the biggest lashes you can get hold of will finish the look 

Animal Lips - Dead Deer/Black Cat

Another simple, yet effective Halloween inspired look is the Dead Deer - cute and scary, all at the same time!

Apply black kohl or liquid eyeliner to the tip of your nose – draw an outline horizontally along the bridge of the nose and around the nostrils, then colour in the whole tip. Go over this with a black eyeshadow for a matte finish.

Next, draw a black line down the centre of your cupid’s bow toward your top lip and fill in your top lip with a jet-black matte liquid lipstick!


Ventriloquist Dummy Lips/Billy the Puppet from 'Saw'

This look is one of the most terrifying looks on our Halloween Hotlist!

For this lip look – use a bright red lipstick or liquid lipstick on your lips (go as neat or as messy as you fancy).

Then draw two dark lines from the corners of your mouth, down to your chin to create the illusion of a ventriloquist dummy’s mouth piece!


Kitty Lips - Cheshire Cat Grin

The ‘Cheshire Cat’ is mostly recognised for its huge grin with a mouthful of teeth!

For this look, use a black eyeliner to plot out the signature grin – the wider the better!

Next, mark out where the pointy teeth will go – you can space them out to create a more cartoon inspired look or keep them small & close together for a more sinister result! Finally, fill in the teeth with a white face paint & fill in the remaining mouth area with black face paint.

And there you have it – our Halloween Hotlist to inspire you this ‘All-Hallows-Eve’! We hope this helps get your creative juices flowing for the most mystical, magical night of the year!

Enjoy babes! x

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