Who else is loving the lip ombre look? 😍Follow this super simple step-by-step guide below, and you'll be rockin' this latest Instagram trend in no time 🙌

1. Prep the lips

Use a scrub, such as our Volcanic Ash and Charcoal Lip Scrub, to buff away any dead skin and leave those lips feeling baby smoooooth. 👶

2. Hydrate & Moisturise 

Start by using a lip mask to leave your lips feeling plump, hydrated and super healthy. Afterwards, use a lip balm to lock in all of that goodness from the mask, and to create a smooth base for your ombre lip. Tip: make sure you don't use a super glossy lip balm or your lipstick will slide all over the place. 

3. Plump It!

Of course, to get the full maximum effects from an Ombre lip, you want to make sure your pout is poppin' first. Use our Volumising Lip Plumper to vamp up your lip plumpness 👄

4. Lipstick Time!

Choose your fav lip combo - one lip liner, one darker lipstick and one lighter lipstick and follow the steps below! 

Tip: You can also add a dot of liquid highlighter in the middle of the lips to make the ombre look even *MORE* dramatic 🙌

how to do ombre lips

📸Credit: @sarahc_29

Enjoy creating your ombre lips! You could also experiment with different colours... the wackier, the better! Make sure you remember to send us your looks! 💖@Plumpit #PlumpIt

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