Written by Emma Sams

Everyone wants bigger lips – right?! Ever since Kylie Jenner shocked us all with her enormous gorgeous pout, people have realised how drastically a face can look model-worthy with just that one enhanced feature. It's become somewhat of a trend to get lip fillers, and it’s now rare to see a fashion icon or beauty blogger without a swollen mouth.

Why fillers aren't the best solution

For me personally, I’ve genuinely admired the trend but have never dared to do the deed of getting lip fillers or trying (shudder) the lip suction trend. The first reason is, while most people can look gorgeous with fillers, the process can sometimes be taken too far, and instead of having a nice juicy pout the lips look more 'Krusty the Clown' than Kardashian - and once you’ve got ‘em, they’re yours for life.

The second reason is pretty obvious… the cost! Quality lip fillers can be really expensive, and often times several sessions are needed to get the end result you’re after. So, after much experimentation (and trial and error), here are some ideas to get the big-lip look you want without having to go ‘under the needle’.

Tip #1 for instantly bigger lips: exfoliating

One of my first tips for bigger lips? Exfoliate! One of the first beauty tips I remember from teenage years was to rub your lips with your toothbrush, which makes the blood start flowing through them and thickens and darkens them. Now, anyone who has tried this will know it’s not the most pleasant experience, and the bristles can be too rough on your sensitive lip skin. So a fantastic way to exfoliate pain-free is to use a lip exfoliator product, such as Plump It! Volcanic Ash & Charcoal Lip Scrub. This product not only gets the blood pumping and your lips plumping, but it also freshens and moisturises your lips, getting rid of any unattractive dry skin which we’re all guilty of biting.

Tip #2 for instantly bigger lips: contouring

My second tip is to use your make-up bag to your lip’s advantage. As I’m sure you already know, contour can do fabulous things to your face and alter your features without needing to take any drastic measures. A good tip for making your lips appear bigger is to put a line of dark contour concealer directly underneath the middle of your bottom lip and blend in; this gives the impression of a shadow underneath your lips, meaning your lips look big enough to make shadows, and isn’t that just every girl’s dream! Another lip-enhancing make-up tip is to surround the outer-area of your lips with a light concealer, which will make your lip colour pop and stand out from the rest of your face.

Tip #3 for instantly bigger lips:  shading

Another great make-up idea to help create a bigger pout is to use a variety of shades when doing your lipstick. If you use a lighter version of the colour you want in the middle area of your upper and lower lips and then blend out into a darker shade towards the edges, this will create a contour effect (which we’ve already established is amaze-balls) to highlight the front of your lips and give their shape more depth. You could even take it one step further and enhance the middle lighter area with some shiny lip gloss, creating a reflective effect and making them look bigger and juicier.

Tip #4 for instantly bigger lips: plumping

And my final and most essential tip for getting a bigger-lip look? Find an awesome lip enhancer and get applying! While there are loads of little tricks you can do to get a plumper look, there’s no effect quite like physically increasing your lip size. Plump It!’s Volumising Lip Plumper actually expands the size of your lips to a very plump (and very noticeable) pout. Its effect depends on the amount you to choose to use, so you’re in complete control of how big you go. It’s a much cheaper alternative to lip fillers and will leave you feeling and pouting like a model.

Written by: Emma Sams 

Image: @gianalaurenmua 

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