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Keep your skin looking lush all Autumn/Winter ’18!

Cold air, strong winds and exposure to the outdoors all contribute to the condition of our skin and hair 💁🏻‍♀️

Let’s face it - looking after these is super important during these freezing, cold winter days ❄️

Here are some tips to help you stay gorgeous and slay ALL season! 

Protect yourself

SPF will always be on trend! Remember to layer up your SPF skin care underneath your makeup. Although our makeup contains some level of Sun Protection Factor, it’s always best to make sure you’re covered by using a moisturiser with added SPF for extra protection – even in the colder months! 👀

This prevents dryness, itchy skin and irritation; when it comes to sun protection, more is more! Never forget to keep your lips moisturised in the cooler months - make our Ultimate Moisturising Lip Balm part of your beauty regime!

Hydrate your body (& your skin)

Drinking plenty of water during the winter season not only ensures you stay hydrated and alert - it also helps to keep your skin and hair looking its best!
It’s all about the prep this year, so make sure you keep up to your skincare routine and water intake. 💧

Drink around 4 glasses of water per day to keep dehydration at bay - gotta love a bit of H20! Pssst... our Volumising 24K Gold Collagen Lip Masks are also the most amazing lip treatment!

Prevent pimples

Oil, dirt, and sweat (eww!) can linger on the skin for long periods all year round which can create bacteria - so make sure you are fully removing your makeup and other products from your skin at night. Use gentle cleansing products such as cleanser, exfoliator and toner to remove your makeup before you go to bed. 🛀

Make sure your face is completely clean, then apply a serum and night cream to your face - this will help to prevent pimples and breakouts whilst treating your skin overnight (like a mini facial)! Do the same with the skin on your body - wash, scrub and make sure you apply moisturiser daily.

You can also use our Volcanic Ash & Charcoal Lip Scrub to exfoliate your lips as needed, especially to tackle those pesky spots around the lips!

Pucker up!

Plump, juicy lips are still on trend - of course 👄🔥

After making sure your lips stay hydrated and nourished, use our Volumising Lip Plumper for extra oomph to keep those lips looking delish!

Our products help stop dryness, cracks and irritation on your lips.
Our lip plumper also works as an amazing primer to help your lip colours last that little bit longer!

So there you have our Plump It! tips to keep you looking & feeling the freshest - until next time, babes! xx

November 16, 2018 by Becki Sams

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