Tell us a bit about yourself... 

My name is Shana Christoforo. I am a Boston based makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist. I really got into makeup after working in salons for about a year and a half, and I discovered my real passion was for makeup artistry! I interned and trained under professional makeup artists then decided that I wanted to pursue my entrepreneurial dream of owning my own business! That's when I founded Makeup Artistry by Shana Christoforo, where I provide makeup services mostly for weddings, glamour shots and boudoir photography.


What is your favourite area of makeup? 

I love bridal makeup because there is something so rewarding about being part of someone's special day. A lot more goes into wedding makeup than people think. Since being involved in this part of the industry, I've seen the true difference good makeup artistry makes for a wedding day. From perfecting the face for photography, to locking down the look to last all day and night, it makes a true difference when wedding makeup is done correctly!

I like to find the perfect balance between not too much, but enough makeup for photography especially for the bride herself. I prefer to keep it soft and neutral so it's timeless but with enough pop of colour to accentuate her prettiest features in pictures!


How to...

Contouring is one of my favourite tricks for slimming the face and creating a sculpted look! For myself, I target my cheekbones and forehead. I use darker colour to create contrast and chisel out my cheek bones and slim my forehead since I have a heart shaped face. What I love about contouring is that you change the shape of the face and certain features just by shadowing and highlighting!




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Instagram - @shanachristoforo
Twitter - @smchristoforo

June 20, 2015 by Molly Hope

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