At Home Clinic Box

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What is it: Cancel your clinic appointment with this At Home Clinic Box containing our two bestselling “No Needles” Kits!

Includes: 1x No Needles Lip Filler Kit (which includes Volumising Lip Plumper and Hyaluronic Lip Plumper), 5x pods No Needles Dermal Filler Starter Kit

Treatment Menu:

No Needles Lip Filler Kit

Our duo gives your lips that fresh-off-the-needle look, without the expense and risk of fillers. The Volumising Lip Plumper creates instant full volume, and the Hyaluronic Lip Plumper formula emulates the long-term benefits of hyaluronic acid fillers. Clinical studies showed up to +61% in lip surface area. 


No Needles Dermal Filler

This transformative, multi-target formula smooths, tightens and lifts skin, giving you that temporary facial skin rejuvenation. Apply to fine lines, wrinkles and pores as a fuss-free filler, or under eyes and bags as a tear trough filler alternative. Research showed that 89% saw a visible transformation to their problem areas.