Plump It! Key Claims Substantiation


Market Research claims

Testing: Was carried out June 2023.

Testing approach: Market research collected from a sample size of 19 people. All respondents had to use the products once and give their feedback within 14 days of use.

Recruitment of sample: Market research requests went out via email to our whole database. Everyone who responded was enrolled into the market research scheme. No one was paid to complete the surveys in order to encourage a bias-free result.

Data collected: One survey sent out per product via Survey Monkey. Each survey contained 5-9 questions around how people felt around the product after use.

Percentages: All percentages are taken directly from Survey Monkey analytics for each question. If the percentage was XX.5% or higher, the percentage was rounded up to the nearest whole number.


Clinical testing claims

Hyaluronic Lip Plumper - the manufacturer of the active in Hyaluronic Lip Plumper carried out both in vitro and in vivo testing which confirmed the below claims after using every day for a month:

  • Up to a 61% increase in lip surface area
  • Up to 101% increase hyaluronic acid synthesis
  • Up to 223% increase in collagen production
  • Up to 51% increase in lip hydration levels