Here at Plump It!, we get tons of photos of your beautiful faces showing off our products. There’s nothing we love more than a good selfie, but we know the frustration of trying to get the perfect photo for Instagram, only to end up with a photo gallery full of ‘meh’ selfies.


Here's how to take the perfect selfie (for a totally flawless Instagram feed).




Perfect selfie for instagram


Before taking your selfie, test out a few positions with your front-facing camera, to find one that best suits you. Everyone has a ‘best side’, so experiment with tilting and rotating your head to find your angle. Try tilting your head upwards, downwards or sideways. You may look a little silly while you’re trying it out - but once you find your perfect angle it’ll be so worth it.


Pro tip: the secret to avoiding the dreaded double-chin fiasco is to aim the camera high. 




Perfect selfie for Instagram


There’s nothing more annoying than finally getting the perfect selfie, then noticing the clothes strewn all over the floor in the background. Before taking your selfie, make sure you tidy everything away and put up chic decorations in the background. Better yet, find yourself a blank coloured background (a brightly coloured feature wall for example) so that all the focus is on your gorgeous self.



Perfect selfie for instagram


We all remember the dreaded duck face era, where almost every selfie taken involved pushed-out lips. While you should definitely show off your Plump It! pout in your selfies, try not to overdo it. The best selfies are the most natural ones, with a soft expression and subtle pout. A simple technique for a natural-looking pout is to separate your lips slightly and hold them in place by imagining you’re holding a one pence coin between them. And you’re not the pouting type, a big toothy grin goes a long way.




Perfect selfie for instagram


The ultimate make-or-break of selfies; the lighting. Lighting can affect the clarity of your photo, and can be the difference between you looking like a superstar or a vague silhouette. Natural lighting is always best, but try and avoid going directly into natural light – it can appear too harsh, and cause the photo to become unfocused. To get the perfect soft glow, try taking your selfie a little distance away from the window; not directly in the sunlight but still facing the it.


Pro tip: use a ring light to get that pro-influencer look.




perfect selfie for instagram


We all love a good filter – being transformed from ‘boring old me’ to an airbrushed multi-coloured cat is super fun. But for a gorgeous selfie, subtle wins out. Instead of using a snapchat filter with furry ears and enormous glasses, try taking your photo naturally so that you can emphasise your best features, then add a subtle filter on top. You can use the editing features on your phone, on Instagram, or on a variety of free photo editing apps. Whichever you choose, make sure your filter is soft, subtle and suits your style.


Written by: Emma Sams, Blogger @ The Peacock, Edited by: Becki Sams

Chloe Byrne